Alternative Format Requests

Alternative Format Requests

We frequently respond to alternative format requests for our First Year Experience programs.  This courseware provides entirely online, interactive, and dynamic content that is personalized to each user based on their interactions with the software.  These characteristics make it impossible to create alternative format options.

Human eSources' web publishing technology , when deliverd through our proprietaray platform,  is built to adhere to be compliant with WCAG 3.0 guidelines and compatible with assistive technology offered in most browsers.  Institututional customers offering our courseware through their Learning Management System (LMS) should consult with their IT Department to ensure appropriate assistive technology is available through their LMS platform.  There are some programs that are specifically compatible to those environments (such as Read & Write Gold). 

If a student has purchased access to our content for use in an LMS, we will gladly provide companion access within our platform at no extra charge to them.  Please be aware that all the students work will still need to be copied into their LMS course to accommodate the automated grading feature.

For more information, please read out Accessibility Statement or contact us at 
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