Frequently asked questions: College & Career Success

Frequently asked questions: College & Career Success

Q: What is College & Career Success?

A: College & Career Success is an interactive online student success program based on the textbook of the same name. It is similar to, but much more than, a textbook. Students and faculty members use College & Career Success over the internet via individual portfolio accounts. Students work through chapters which include journals, quizzes, and custom links to resources chosen by your campus.

Q: Which programs use College & Career Success?

A: Typically a primary resource in a first-year college course, College & Career Success is effective for any student or group of students to increase their success in college and beyond. It has also been used for orientation programs, student success courses, dual-credit courses, high school-to-college transition, major and course selection, outreach for at-risk students, intervention and counseling, peer/mentor programs, study skills and in career centers.

Q: What can staff do in College & Career Success?

A: Staff (faculty) portfolio accounts can be used to track class progress, view individual results and access a complete resource package for implementing College & Career Success.

Q: How can College & Career Success be taught?

A: College & Career Success can be taught as a standalone resource or as part of traditional in-person, online or hybrid courses.

Q: Which assessments are in College & Career Success?

A: The TruTalent Personality, Intelligences, Learning & Productivity, and Skills assessment results are integrated within the program.

Q: How do students access College & Career Success?

A: Students log in to a website using a browser on any internet-capable device.

Q: How do you know an assessment works as it claims to?

A: It’s easy to find an assessment with amazing claims, but few companies are willing to show you the research conducted on their assessment. Our assessments are both valid (they measure what they claim to) and reliable (the results have been repeated consistently). You can read more about the psychometrics, or statistical analysis, of our assessments at We’re proud of the meaningful difference our assessments make in students’ lives every day and are happy to share their results.

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