How do I add an individual to a group?

How do I add an individual to a group?

If you are a professional user looking to add an individual to one of your groups or classes, follow these instructions (watch the short video or see the instructions below). The individual must have already created an account.

  1. Go to Groups in Pro Tools.  You can get to groups by hovering over the icon with 3 lines while in your Pro Tools dashboard- then select Groups.
  2. Once you are in Groups, you'll see the groups you have created (if you are the account administrator, you'll see all the Groups).  Click on the Group to you want to add to, and then click the + sign in the upper right corner to add the individual.
  3. Search for the individual you want to add, select that person, and click Add Individuals at the bottom of the screen.  The individuals selected will now be a member of that group. Individuals can be part of more than one group.
Individuals can also add themselves to groups: 
How do I change my group or add myself to a group?

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