How do I protect the privacy of my students' work?

How do I protect the privacy of my students' work?


If your institution utilizes our LMS integration (Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, D2L), your students’ work cannot be viewed by anyone without access to that LMS course based on your LMS permissions. Additionally, minimal information is passed to Human eSources, including name, the school they attend, and the products they have access to.

Human eSources Platform (Center)

If you are using the Human eSources Platform, there is an account-wide option that will prevent professionals from viewing students outside of their groups. You can have your program administrator contact Customer Care at to ensure this setting is enabled for your institution. Additionally, when a professional sets up a Group and indicates it should be private, this will prevent others from seeing which students are members of that group. For more information on using groups, please refer to this video.

For further information on our commitment to privacy and security, please see our privacy policy below:

Privacy Policy

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