How to Enable Third Party Cookies in Safari

How to Enable Third Party Cookies in Safari

If you are using Safari to access your Human eSources textbook, you may encounter an error that looks like the one below:

To resolve this error, follow the steps listed below:

For computers

Select the Safari drop down menu at the top of your screen and select Preferences or Settings, depending on which version of MacOS you are running.

Within Preferences/Settings, select the Privacy tab. You should see a checkbox in that tab labeled Prevent Cross Site Tracking.
An image of the Privacy tab of the Safari settings menu. The checkbox for Prevent cross-site tracking is circled in red.
De-select that checkbox and close and reopen the page. 

For mobile

Open the Settings app on your phone or tablet and scroll down to Safari.
A screenshot of the Settings app for iOS. Safari is selected.

Within the Safari settings, you should see a toggle for Prevent Cross Site Tracking. Make sure the toggle is turned off.
A screenshot of the Safari settings menu for iOS 11 and later. The toggle for Prevent Cross-Site Tracking is circled in red.
Close and reopen your web page or LMS app.

If the issue persists, please contact our CustomerCare team at or via Live Chat at
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