Human eSources Certification Program FAQ

Human eSources Certification Program FAQ

Q: Will the webinars be recorded and made available to attendees?
A: Yes, they are recorded and made available from the same location as the live webinar lesson. However, the recording is NOT a replacement for the live webinar. Everyone should make every effort possible to attend as important discussion and interactive exercises occur during these sessions. 

Q: How much time should I expect to spend in the certification program?
A: The expectation is 3-4 hours / week over 5 weeks. The program is comprised of five self-study modules which take an average of two hours each. There are four webinars that take an average of one hour each. Participants can also expect to spend about two hours for review and tests, making the total time about 16 hours.

Q: How long do I have to complete all the work for the program?
A: The program length runs six weeks total. The first week is self-study only. The next four weeks are composed of one self-study module and one webinar each. Participants will then have a final week to complete any unfinished work from the previous 5 weeks.

Q: How/When do I get my first assignment? 
A: Upon completion of registration, participants will be able to access the first self-study module and should start work as soon as possible to be prepared for the first webinar.

Q: Do I have to prepare anything for the webinars?
A: Yes, every webinar should be preceded by work in the self-study module. Each participant will be taking each of the four assessments prior to each of the four webinars. Additionally, the self study modules provide some prep work to allow participants to best learn from the activities and content in the webinars. The self-study modules will clearly mark the stopping point prior to the webinar. After the webinar, participants will return to the self-study module and complete the follow up work and the test for that module.

Q: Where can I get help if I need it? 
A: Please reach out to our CustomerCare team at with any questions or concerns. If you need more immediate help, there is an orange question mark in the lower right of every page in the Training portal ( as well as the Center self study modules ( where you can access live help during business hours (9am-7pm ET Monday-Friday)