Human eSources Continuing Education Program FAQ

Human eSources Continuing Education Program FAQ

Q: What is the course about?
A: Our Continuing Education Self-Study Course for Professionals provides counseling practitioners with a deeper understanding of the psychometric theory and practice behind our career and educational planning tools, along with practical insight and guidance on how to use our tools. 

Attendees will receive in-depth background on the psychometric theories behind each of our assessments (Personality, Skills, Intelligences, and Learning & Productivity) plus practical insights and guidance for implementing the tools to provide clients with a more personalized experience.

Q: Who is this course for?
A: Counselors, career coaches, educators, college admissions counselors, workforce consultants and other professionals who want to become more proficient in the psychometric theories behind our assessments, and who want to provide a more personalized, in-depth counseling experience to their clients.

Q: How is the course structured?
A: The program is comprised of 5 interactive learning modules. Each module includes self-study work, a related recorded presentation, and an optional live question and answer session.

Coursework takes place online using our proprietary platform that delivers a highly interactive, engaging experience. Content includes self-administered assessments, related reading and information, interactive journaling, quizzes and pre-recorded presentations. In addition, instructor-led sessions are offered to answer questions and share with other participants.

Participants should plan to dedicate 3-4 hours per module over the 5-week course, or approximately 16 hours.

Q: How long will I have to complete the course?
A: This is a self-study course; however, we recommend you work on course modules sequentially, expecting to devote 5-6 weeks to complete all coursework and finish the final test. 

Once started, you will have 60 days to complete the entire course.

Q: How will I access the course?
A: All course content is delivered via the Internet. You will be provided access code information upon completion of enrollment in the course. You will be able to access course information 24x7 and can revisit course material at any time during the course.

Q: Do I need to prepare for online presentations?
A: Yes, every live session should be preceded by work in the self-study module. Each participant will be taking each of the four assessments prior to each of the four live sessions.

The self-study modules will clearly mark the stopping point prior to the live session. After the live session, participants will return to the self-study module and complete the follow up work and the test for that module.

Q: What do I need to do to receive a Certificate of Completion?
A: To receive a Certification of Completion, you must complete all five modules and pass a final quiz at an 80% correct answer level.

Q: Can I earn Continuing Education Credit Hours for completing this course?
A: This course has been approved by the International Coaching Federation for 14 credit hours of continuing education credit for completion. The course also qualifies for 16 credit hours with the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC). Human eSources, Ltd. has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 7362

Completion of the course does not automatically earn you credits.  You will be required to submit the Certificate of Completion to the respective organization following their procedures in order to be awarded credit.

Q: How do I have a Certification of Completion sent to me?
A: Upon meeting completing all five modules and successfully passing a final quiz at an 80% correct answer level, you will automatically be emailed a Certificate of Completion in PDF form suitable for printing.  The Certificate of Completion will be sent to the email you used to register for the course.

Q: Where can I go if I need help? 
A: Please reach out to our CustomerCare team at with any questions or concerns. If you need more immediate help, there is an orange question mark in the lower right of every page in the Training portal ( as well as the Center self study modules ( where you can access live help during business hours (9am-7pm ET Monday-Friday)

Q: What else do I need to be aware of?
A: We have certain policies for privacy, attendance, cancellations, and refunds.  Please see for a complete list of our policies.