LMS Content Removal and Re-Import Process

LMS Content Removal and Re-Import Process

If you are experiencing problems with the integration of our content into your LMS course, we will most likely recommend the removal of the existing content and re-doing the import. This process, while it sounds daunting is fairly simple.

It is important to note that student work will not be affected by this! All existing student work is anchored to their individual account on our servers and will not be affected by the deletion of the links in your course. However, any customization on those assignments will not carry over and will need to be redone once the import is complete.  Additionally, your students' records will not repopulate in your gradebook until they click on each of the assignment links. We have no visibility into your course other than student names and progress within our products, so we are unable to bypass or assist with this process.

Please refer to either the video or written instructions below to perform this process. 

1. You will first want to ensure that all of the existing textbook chapter links have been deleted. You can do this by going to the Assignments screen and locating the proper assignment grouping. Then, simply select the three dots to the right of the grouping name, and delete the entire grouping. Double check the assignment list to ensure that there are no other chapter links outside of that grouping.

2. Once you have confirmed the full removal of all textbook links, you'll want to navigate to your Settings and select Import Course Content. You should see a drop-down menu there. Select the Configure option that corresponds to the text you are using and click Find a Course.

3. You may see a logo that needs to be clicked. Then, you should see the grading configuration screen. Make sure that the selected configuration is the same option that you were using previously, or student grades may not repopulate properly. Submit that configuration and select All Content. You can now begin the import

4. Once the import has completed, make sure to double check that all chapters are present on the Assignments page. Please note that any and all customization will have been removed and assignments will no longer appear in modules until added back. 

5. It is recommended that you open student view and click one of the chapter links to ensure that you do not get an error message, as this is a better test than checking on the instructor side. The final step is to have students go back and click into any already completed chapter assignments in order to re-populate their grades in your gradebook. There is unfortunately no workaround for this, and it MUST occur in order for student grades for already graded chapters to be visible.

If you have difficulty following along with these steps, please feel free to reach out to CustomerCare via email or through our Help widget!