Moodle Administrator Guide

Moodle Administrator Guide

Administrator Steps to Configure a Product

Your Moodle version must be at least 3.10 to support our tool which creates multiple links. 
    add tool
  1. Login as the administrator
  2. Select Site administration on the left menu
  3. Select the Plugins tab under Activity Modules/External tool, then select Manage tools
  4. In the Add tool section click Configure a tool manually

  1. Configure the External tool configuration as follows
    1. Tool Name: HES Configure {product name} replace {product name} with the name of the product (e.g., CollegeScope)
    2. Tool URL: Enter URL provided by Human eSources
    3. LTI version: "LTI 1.0/1.1"
    4. Consumer Key and Shared Secret: Enter values provided by Human eSources
    5. Tool configuration usage:  Select Show in activity chooser and as a preconfigured tool
    6. Default launch container: Select Embed, check Supports Deep Linking (Content-Item Message)
    7. privacy settings
      In the Privacy section:
      1. Share launcher’s name with tool, Select Always
      2. Share launcher’s email with tool, Select Never
      3. Accept grades from the tool select Always, check Force SSL

    1. Save changes. The product is now available to be added to courses as an external tool.

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