Getting Started with an Online Textbook on the Human eSources Platform

Getting Started with an Online Textbook on the Human eSources Platform

Here are the steps to follow to get started with your online textbook through the Human eSources Platform. You should either have an access key that you purchased from the bookstore, one provided by your instructor, or a class access key that you can use to purchase access using a credit card.

  1. Visit and click on LOG IN 
  3. Click on ENTER ACCESS KEY and enter the key given to you by your instructor (or one purchased at the bookstore).
Screenshot of the access key entry screen on the Human eSources Platform
  1. Complete the registration information.
Screenshot of the new account creation screen that appears after access key entry

  1. Be sure to select your instructor from the Professional drop down (if applicable), then your course name/section. 
  2. After completing registration, you will see your portfolio and be able to select the link to go to your textbook.
  3. If you have not already paid for your online textbook, you will be prompted for payment when opening the textbook for the first time. 
You can now log in to view your assessment and textbook results through the My Portfolio tab. To view your results while working in the book, simply click the logo in the top left corner to be brought to the results page. 

When working in your book, make sure you submit each chapter once it is finished. Your chapter has not been submitted for grading until you click Continue on the last page of the chapter and then select OK indicating that the chapter is complete and you wish to submit your work.

The Chapters column contains the live links to each chapter where you follow page by page and complete any activities, quizzes, and journal entries.  Be sure to click Continue at the bottom of every page! 

The Chapter Results column is where you can view your submitted quizzes and journals, along with feedback once your instructor has graded each chapter.

To view your assessment results, return to your portfolio and click View Results under the assessment you wish to review.

 You'll find our support widget in the bottom right any time you are in our products, which provides access to our full Help Center. This also contains our Chat, which provides live support from our CustomerCare team during business hours (9am-7pm Eastern). 
Our CustomerCare team can also be reached at

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