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TruTalent Brochures

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    • Frequently Asked Questions: TruTalent Intelligences

      Q: What are multiple intelligences? A: In 1983, Dr. Howard Gardner proposed the theory of multiple intelligences, which states that there is more than one type of intelligence. The list of intelligences is based upon specific criteria and continues ...
    • Frequently Asked Questions: TruTalent Learning & Productivity

      Q: What does TruTalent Learning & Productivity do? A: TruTalent Learning & Productivity reveals how individuals prefer to study, concentrate, and learn new or difficult information and skills. It describes a individual’s individual learning style ...
    • TruTalent Handbooks for Counselors/Advisors

      View the TruTalent handbooks for more information on using the assessments to understand, advise, and counsel students. Select an assessment to download each handbook.
    • TruTalent Criteria Checklists

      For information on using our Criteria Checklists to help students use the results of our assessments, reach out to our CustomerCare team.  Personality Criteria Checklist  Learning & Productivity Criteria Checklist Intelligences Criteria Checklist
    • Frequently Asked Questions: TruTalent Personality

      Q: What is personality type? A: Personality type is the innate way in which people naturally see the world and make decisions – a set of basic drives and motivations that remains constant throughout a person’s life. Personality type refers to a ...