What do the letters in my personality type report represent?

What do the letters in my personality type report represent?

The personality model describes four basic aspects of human personality: how we interact with the world and where we direct our energy; the kind of information we naturally notice and remember; how we make decisions; and whether we prefer to live in a more structured way (making decisions) or in a more spontaneous way (taking in information). We call these aspects of human personality dimensions, because each one can be viewed as a continuum between opposite extremes.

All of us use both sides of all four scales in our daily life, but we have an inborn preference for one side over the other. Our preferred way of operating is more comfortable and automatic. Keep in mind that each scale is a continuum and people may fall close to the midpoint, indicating a less clear preference, or at the extreme ends, indicating a very clear preference.

Your instructor, counselor, or professional can provide more guidance on making the most out of your results!

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