Why does the graph show a different personality type than my report?

Why does the graph show a different personality type than my report?

Sometimes individuals will score in the middle of a personality dimension. In those cases, the answer to an additional assessment question will determine their final personality.

The bar graph displayed in a portfolio shows the scores on the assessment. In the case where the responses on a specific dimension are very close to a tie (5 answered in one direction, 4 in another), the graph will show the raw scores. 

The additional questions are used to clarify which type the individual more closely identifies with in close situations, identifying the final type displayed in the report. So while it may look like an individual is tied or has a preference for Feeling on the bar graph, based on the response to an additional question, the individual identified more with Thinking in the end.

If an individual disagrees with a final assigned type, our team can manually update the type.

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