Human eSources Service Level Agreement for Post-Secondary Clients

Human eSources Service Level Agreement for Post-Secondary Clients

Human eSources Service Level Agreement

Human eSources primary brand promise is “People First”. We do our best to live up to that by providing the best possible user experiences while delivering our valuable products to the institution and end-users.

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlines what you can expect from us as well as what you, the client, should do to create that positive user experience (UX).

Human eSources Customer Success department serves as your guide and advisor throughout the lifespan of our relationship with you. We help you through each phase of an adoption. Our support area within Customer Success (CustomerCare) is your primary point of contact and are empowered to utilize the full scope of our internal resources towards achieving customer satisfaction. 

Part One: Getting Started

Account Set-up and Maintenance

Upon receipt of our setup-up form, an account manager from Customer Success will contact you to begin the process.  During this initial meeting, we take the time to get to know you as well as your institutional and student cohort needs. From there, we structure the account to meet your expectations. See more detail in the Onboarding Checklist.

Client Responsibilities

Here are three critical action items to ensure a successful adoption and create a seamless delivery environment:

✔      Prominently display our support contact for students taking your course (recommended in both the syllabus and course announcements).

✔      Make students aware of our system requirements needed to effectively interact with our programs.  Approximately 80% of support requests from students are due to browser incompatibilities.  Please share this link with them: Trouble using our products? Start here.

      Review our On-Boarding Checklist.  It is your roadmap to prepare for the first day of class.  The first day/week in a course is so critical for student persistence and success! 

Special Note: Delivery via Learning Management Systems

Human eSources has gone to great lengths to design LMS integrations that provide  key benefits: facilitate our content delivery and reduce grading time and allows students to access our content without ever leaving your LMS system (known as “single sign on” or SSO).

Successful LMS integration requires us to work closely with your IT Department.  Generally, it can take from a week up to a month for the complete process depending on their level of cooperation.

 Our LMS integration capabilities are dictated by the LMS itself and may not allow  much latitude in the protocols for displaying our content.  CustomerCare will outline all these during training.  Should you do any customization on your own it can affect the grade upload function and  makes it difficult for us to triage and offer solutions to issues.  We have no visibility into your LMS system other than being able to view student names and their work progress. 

CustomerCare’s primary responsibility is to support our programs and ensure they are functioning properly.  We cannot provide support for LMS-related issues.  You should contact your own Help Desk in those cases.  All LMS systems offer extensive support information to help you with those issues as well.

Part Two: Working with CustomerCare

Human eSources is known for our excellence in providing support for our products and services.  Here’s some guidance to make the most of our help offerings whether it be a product-related or immediate support concern.

Communication & Response Times

We have two channels that work best to facilitate ongoing communication:  email and live chat. Our email address is  Chat support can be obtained through the help widget in the bottom right of our products between 9 am and 7 pm Eastern – Monday through Friday (excluding US Federal holidays).

Standard response times to questions and issues raised through these channels  are within four hours of receipt for high-priority issues related to technical support  and eight hours for all general questions and lower priority issues.  CustomerCare team members are noted for their responsiveness and generally can reply within a couple hours.

Self-Help Offerings

Most people these days find searching for help solutions on their own more efficient and satisfying than the traditional “customer support” business model.  To facilitate that, we have an extensive searchable Support Portal and Knowledge Base that covers 90% of all support needs.  It’s easily accessed via  

If our knowledge base does not address your issue, you can easily raise a request by clicking the appropriate link at the bottom of any page in the Portal. 

Part Three:  Compliance

Privacy and Security Policies

We have stringent privacy and security practices to protect our client institutions and students.  We only collect information that is used to facilitate support of our programs.  Contact CustomerCare for any documentation your institution requires.