Getting Started with Financial Literacy on the Human eSources platform

Getting Started with Financial Literacy on the Human eSources platform

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Now that you have adopted the publication for your upcoming course, getting started with Financial Literacy is easy. This serves as your one-stop resource to plan your course and ensure a positive experience for you and your students.

Preparing your course

1. Explore Pro Tools
Pro Tools is used for faculty access. Follow this video to get started with your professional account.

2. Browse your desk copy
To view your desk copy, log in to your Pro Tools account, and then select your publication from the  Sample Chapters section on the right of your screen. This will show you the publication exactly as students see it.

Want to work through the publication as a student? Here's how:  How do professionals try your products?
3. Plan your course using the Instructor's Manual
Our comprehensive Instructor's Manual provides chapter-by-chapter overviews and supplemental activities to make planning your course easy.

Final steps before your course starts

  1. Review our Service Level Agreement for Post-Secondary Clients for important information
  2. Post getting started instructions for students in your courseGetting Started on the Human eSources Platform. Be sure to include information on obtaining access keys from the bookstore, and the access key used for credit card purchases (depending upon which options you are offering). 
  3. Share support information for Financial Literacy with your students. Most issues can be addressed using Trouble using our products? Start here. You can also include the support information found below.

As your course is underway

You've begun using the publication and now you want to learn more? Here's additional resources that will help you learn more about the embedded assessments and our robust administrative tools.

Pro Tools

  1. Pro Tools Guide- Full guide to all the features of your professional account.
  2. Using groups in Pro Tools- Overview of the group functionality in Pro Tools, used to organize individuals and easily review results.
  3. Grading student workHow to view student work and assign grades in Pro Tools
  4. Reporting video- How to view reports and results of individuals in your account.

Need Support?

You'll find our support widget in the bottom right any time you are in our products, which provides access to our full Help Center. This also contains our Chat, which provides live support from our CustomerCare team during business hours (9am-7pm Eastern). 
Our CustomerCare team can also be reached at